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Responsible body

The prime organisations of the Swiss literary scene constitute the portal.
LiteraturSchweiz is the name of an association that is based in Zurich. The purpose of this association is to build and maintain the independent Swiss literary portal as an instrument of promotion and information serving the Swiss literary creation.

The Membres

Institutions and organisations in various sectors of the Swiss literary scene are members of the association.

The following persons serve on the board:

  • AdS (Cornelia Mechler, President),
  • SIKJM (Christine Tresch),
  • Giornate Letterarie di Soletta (Rico Engesser),,
  • viceversaliteratur (Ruth Gantert),
  • Livresuisse (Olivier Babel)

and two project organisation representatives:
  • Beat Mazenauer (Head of the project)
  • Gregor Szyndler (Communication, marketing).